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Dedicated to delivering
the finest care experience.

Behind the success of Doxtel Care Ltd
Very dedicated staff working in partnership with our honest clients.

Administration .

Some beautiful words
from our Managing Director.

Maintaining trust and a relationship is more important than ever in today’s environment. We strive to conduct our business in a manner reflecting our policy. Doxtel Care has numerous policies and systems in place to help ensure that our business practices and operations are consistently effective, responsive, and highly principled. 

Today Doxtel Care Ltd is recognised as one of the preferred Care agencies in the Midlands UK. Our business and services are made possible by the support from Clients and our partners. We work closely with over fifteen different homes and maintain a strong relationship with each one of our clients.

We continuously strive to maximise the value we bring to our relationships with employees, clients, and partners alike. Efficient and effective operations, such as mandatory training and medical expertise all contribute to this effort. We believe these skills will provide opportunities for future, sustainable growth.

The complexities of businesses within the NHS create challenges for companies striving to operate in an effective and socially responsible manner, thus we focus on our key expertise to engage more effectively with local communities, such unique opportunities enable us to embrace our obligation to be good citizens.

Openness creates opportunities for dialogue with our business partners, clients, and employees. We maintain transparency and conduct ethical safety practices to create trust with everyone in relation with us.

Lastly, I would like to thank individual clients, business partners and employees for their continuous support given to us in our progressive success and realising our vision and goals.

Gifty Asare Bediako


As a nursing agency and residential home recruitment company, we understand that your business has commercial as well as clinical needs. Our knowledge of the recruitment industry and of the healthcare sector as a whole enables us to help you find a balance between the legislative needs of your organisation and your need to provide exceptional levels of patient care at all times.

– We understand that finding the right nursing home jobs can be an arduous and time consuming process, as well as a client finding agency to supply staff can be a hard task to adhere .

– That is why we are dedicated to working with you to find you roles that interest you in a personal and professional capacity as quickly as possible, and for the clients making sure you have enough qualified staff whenever needed. For further information on how our Doxtel Care recruitment services could benefit you, please contact us.

OUR mission

  • Our values are simple, Doxtel Care Ltd Stress to offer excellent and affordable staffs for the homes in Derbyshire and East Midlands.
  • Offer choice in all things whenever practical and possible
  • Always treat you with dignity and respect
  • Endeavour to fully understand our your needs
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times
  • Ensure that security is never breached.

OUR Goal

  • Employ competent, caring, reliable and well trained individuals who are responsible to the needs of patients, their families and their communities.Each staff member will meet the CRB/DBS checks, and will undergo vigorous checks and training before working for us.
  • To provide the highest quality comprehensive residential care staff to all our clients
  • To work with you to enhance the quality of your daily life by offering support in the areas that you require
  • Treat you as an individual

OUR philosphy

Provide a homely environment that offers the highest standards of care Treat each individual with dignity and sensitivity Acknowledge, understand and fulfill clients’ care needs Each home is a learning environment for staff and we encourage and provide the right environment for their growth and continuing professional development.

From our lovely
community, family & friends.

Doxtel Care has always effectively supported me to provide staff resources when needed. I have always been treated respectfully and in a friendly manner and have been pleased with the speed that matters are resolved. They always appears enthusiastic, full of energy and provides a “service with a smile



I would like to thank you for having me as part of the Doxtel Care team and taking me on despite my lack of care experience at the time. I have learned a lot about supporting and working with those who need assistance, and the skills I've gained will serve me well in my career.



Doxtel Care is one of the best companies i have ever worked with, very convenient when it comes to giving shifts to their staff. Moreover, their senior staffs in the office are so amazing, very supportive, professional and very friendly.